IN OUR OWN WORDS - apri, 29 at 7pm

Book presentation with activists of the International Women Space Berlin

(in engl., transl. into somali and german)


In 2013 we, the activists from International Women Space (IWS), set ourselves the task of documenting the lives and stories of refugee women in Germany. We approached the project in the Latin American tradition of testimonial literature – looking to amplify the voice of the voiceless (...) Two years on, after many stories being exchanged and many women working collectively on this project, IWS is pleased to announce the launch of IN OUR OWN WORDS.

The book contains texts by and about women and includes 10 testimonials of refugee women in Germany: women who could have migrated, but wouldn’t have been given a visa. Women who became refugees in their own regions before attempting to reach Europe by the deadly routes available. Women fleeing war, poverty and environmental disasters caused by corporation’s greed, women fleeing persecution for not conforming to the gender they were assigned at birth. Women running away from their own families for not accepting domestic violence perpetrated by patriarchy.

IN OUR OWN WORDS is a documentation of brave women who have fought difficult realities, we are sure it will inspire us all in the struggle for emancipation.“

More details

Unfortunately the place is not barrier-free for people with wheelchairs.


info event on March, 11, 8pm

Queer feminist days

Today, queer-feminism is as divers as vivid, as necessary as fun. This has been shown during the queer-feminist days in Salecina in June 2015, when more than fifty women* from different countries came together to exchange ideas, discuss, even dispute, laugh, dance and so much more. Together we built up an open and solidary space filled with ideas and topics from all of us. We (five participants from the last year) aim to continue and are warmly inviting you to take part in our program and seminar in June 2016. Our open ‘Call for Workshops’ intends to especially strengthen a transnational perspective.

Apparently, Salecina is just the right place for this: First, because it was co-founded by women with the hope not only to change but also to live different gender relations. Last year, the Seminar followed the tradition of the 1970s, when women* met in Salecina to talk about working and production conditions as well as about sexism they had experienced. Second, because Salecina occurs to be situated in the middle of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland – a connection point between different countries. Last, the place itself is a place to participate: The caretakers from Salecina support the organizational things, but all guests and participants are responsible for the daily duties such as cooking and cleaning.

All in all, it is a great place with special spaces we jointly want to shape. Therefore, we need your ideas and propositions, your knowledge and skills. If you want to share, please let us know. We are happy about any kind of contributions or workshops – it does not matter if it’s a theoretical input, a practical offer, physical exercise, questions you've always wanted to discuss, or a musical input in the evening. Everything is possible. Proposals can be sent until 29th February 2016 to

Of course, you are also welcome to participate without any contribution!

We are looking forward to meeting you all in June!!!


"Wieder ein Buch fertig" Umtrunk

Frid., Oct, 2, 8 pm

with Robert Foltin

and Fiaker Fiasko / 8.30 pm

at 9.30 pm: the audience decides

book presentation „Autonome Theorien“


reading from the new novelDie Rote Garde

without translation


15 years Bibliothek von unten - Party

Sat., Oct, 17 at 8 pm

Party at EKH (1100 Wien, Wielandgasse 2-4)

with Kommando Elefant

Soli-Contrib.: 5€


Solifest am Fr., 27.02.2015 ab 20 Uhr


Emma Adler: Die berühmten Frauen der französischen Revolution

Book presentation with the editor Eva Geber, 21.11.2014, 8 pm

Emma Adler's book on the famous women of the French Revolution was published in 1906. It is a pioneering work of women's historiography. Without prejudice, Emma Adler covers women of any revolutionary direction, which is why she includes Charlotte Corday (who stabbed Marat) as well as Olympe de Gouges with her declaration of the rights of women.

"Equality before the scaffold was the only equality the Revolution offered women” Adler notes soberly. Her husband Victor Adler, founder of the Social Democratic Workers Party of Austria , criticised the book harshly: "...with all due respect for the work - but , as far as I can see , it is reactionary". He ironically considers to publicly distance himself from her, "or they may kill me on the guillotine, for which you seem to have a completely unfounded dislike".

After more than 100 years, this work is now available again. Editor Eva Geber has added an appendix on the life and work of Emma Adler.


Eva Geber ( Emma Adler. Die berühmten Frauen der französischen Revolution. Mandelbaum Verl., 2014

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