The library “Bibliothek von unten” and the archive Archive of social movements Vienna are facilities for information and documentation which collect and index emancipatory content, activities, discussions and media with the aim of making them accessible to the public.

As an autonomous, collectively self-managed project, the library is part of the radical leftist movement. Nevertheless, we are not an exclusive, specialist library but are open to everyone who is interested in social movements of the political left in past and present.

Our holdings consist of approx. 4000 books and electronic documents (databases and online documents). Key areas of our collection are (books on) anarchism, social movements, anti-racism, feminism, queer theory, National Socialism and resistance politics, as well as the new right.

Our books and other media are indexed in the OPAC and in our thesaurus.

The library is open Wednesdays and Fridays from 17:00 to 20:00. On Wednesdays after the library closes, there are often events (e.g. lectures or discussions) organized by que[e]r. During opening hours the rooms can be used for reading, researching and browsing, as well as working . We have Wi-Fi connection and can offer you tea, coffee and advice and support for your research as needed.

The library is situated on the premises of the w23, an emancipatory and feminist association. That means that we do not tolerate sexist, racist, antisemitic, homophobic … talk or behavior. Whoever insists on any of these will be asked to leave.

We regret that the w23 is not accessible by wheelchair, as there are stairs in front of the entry. If this poses a problem for you, but you would like to come visit, please send us an e -mail and we will find a solution together.

If you are interested in library work, or have requests for specific books or other suggestions for the political project Bibliothek von unten, please come visit or send us an e -mail.

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Bibliothek von unten

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